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Circle the correct answers. One answer per question.

  1. Young people under 25 represent what percentage of all new HIV infections in the US?
    1. 15%
    2. 25%
    3. 40%
    4. 50%
  2. T or F: HIV is an incurable disease spread mainly by unprotected sex or by sharing needles with someone who has the infection.
  3. T or F: Young Americans between the ages of 13 and 25 are contracting HIV at the rate of 2 per hour.
  4. HIV is not present in……..
    1. semen and vaginal secretions
    2. the air that you breathe
    3. blood
    4. breast milk
  5. You can become infected with HIV by…….
    1. sharing utensils or drinking glasses with someone with HIV
    2. using the same toilet seat as an HIV-positive person
    3. hugging someone with HIV
    4. being bitten by a mosquito
    5. none of the above
  6. Which does not help to reduce the risk of transmitting HIV?
    1. using a latex condom or female condom
    2. using the “Pill,” diaphragm, or other birth control methods
    3. abstinence
    4. all of the above help to reduce transmission
  7. If you are infected with HIV, you might show symptoms……
    1. within a few months
    2. within a year
    3. in 10 or more years
    4. any of the above
  8. T or F: New HIV/AIDS drug treatments have lowered the number of AIDS-related deaths in the US and enabled people with HIV to live longer.
  9. T or F: There are medicines for HIV-positive pregnant women that can greatly decrease the chances of transmitting HIV to their babies.
  10. T or F: Only drug users and gay men need to worry about becoming infected with HIV.




ANSWERS: I D; 2 T; 3 T; 4 B; 5 E; 6 B; 7 D; 8 T; 9 T; 10 F

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