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ARV / Antiretrovirals

Antiretroviral Medication Picture Guide

[Click chart to link to pdf]

Medication teaching guide [provided by NW AETC]

Provides graphic representation of commonly prescribed antiretroviral. Included pictures of most approved formulations. [Click chart to link to pdf]

FDA Approved Antiretrovirals for the Treatment of HIV Infection

[Click chart to link to pdf]

Contains an extensive chart of antiretroviral names, dosing, and side effects.

Clincal Information

Patient Information Sheets

Find all the FDA approved antiretroviral patient info sheets here.

Dosing Recommendations

Tables include clinical dosing practices for ritonavir boosted protease inhibitors and dual protease inhibitors.

Disclaimer :
Madison Clinic recommends that prior to making any medical or treatment related decisions for HIV-infected individuals based exclusively on the information appearing in this website, patients and practitioners should first consult with HIV/AIDS trained practitioners and pharmacists. The Madison Clinic assumes no responsibility for adverse outcomes which may be construed to be the result of decisions about treatment based exclusively on information contained on this website. Because of the rapidly changing nature of information about HIV treatment and therapies, both prescribers and patients should gather as much information as possible before making health management decisions. Such decisions should always be made in consultation between a physician and a patient. Contact us at:

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