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Drug Interactions

Commonly found drug interactions with antiretroviral agents. Interaction charts can be accessed by clicking the links to the left. Please contact the Madison Pharmacy or clinical pharmacist if you have specific drug interaction questions (744-5151).

Categories of Interacting Drugs:

    1. Acid Suppressing Agents
    2. Anticonvulsants
    3. Antidepressants
    4. CYP 450 - Overview
    5. Erectile Dysfunction
    6. Illicit Drugs
    7. Lipid Lowering Agents
    8. Methadone
    9. Oral Contraceptives
    10. Psychotropics
    11. Tuberculosis Medications

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Drug Interaction Calculators:


Thanks to - Brandon, Tahnee, Jeff for your vigilance in updating drug tables.



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