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Student Case Presentations

When: Fridays
Time: Noon
Where: 3 West Hospital Skybridge

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1. Goals & Ojectives

For the student

  • Teach students to present clear, concise, logical patient presentations in a manner that reflects actual clinical practice.
  • Assess students understanding of rationale in medication use, monitoring parameters, primary and secondary objectives and basic drug information.
  • Help students learn non-pharmacological therapies.
  • Teach students to prioritize care issues by using global objectives ("the big picture").
  • Identify barriers to improving patient care and development of solutions.

For the staff

  • Opportunity to both provide and gain knowledge through participation.
  • To exchange information that will lead to more consistent patient care management.

2. Presentation Guidelines


  • Meeting time is 60 minutes. This time will be divided, roughly, between the # of presenters.
  • The student will be given approximately 5 minutes to present their patient. Discussion to follow.

Patient Selection

  • The patient must be part of the students' rotation service.
  • It is preferred that the student has interacted with the patient, but this is not mandatory.


  • "Mini-Soap" (Outpatient Style)
  • The student should work-up the patient using the SOAP process and then condense down the presentation to the recommended 5-minute time allotment.
  • The student should present the basic patient information along with a complete problem list and then focus on a particular aspect of the care. Only subjective and objective information relevant to the selected problem should be presented.
  • The entire medication regimen should be listed.
  • Assessment of the selected therapies and/or recommendations for changes should be briefly stated.


  • The goal is total group participation in reviewing the patients care. All questions, comments and concerns are encouraged.
  • The student is expected to have both a global view of the care plan and a more detailed knowledge of the drug therapy (i.e. MOA, SE, rationale for use, monitoring perameters).


  • To assist the student in their learning process the standard UW presentation review forms will be distributed and may be completed by attendees as desired.

3. Moderator

  • Facilitates meeting, encourages discussion, selects order of presenters
  • Maintains time frame
  • Sends out e-mail notice to staff regarding meeting info
  • Collects evaluations
  • Rotating position to interested staff to allow for variety in styles and decrease workload.

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