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Immigrant/Refugee Screening

[print pdf 27kb] Updated 1/11/06

There are no widely accepted guidelines for screening and vaccinations of recent immigrants/refugees.

In addition to usual care, the International Clinic recommends the following:

I. Labs/Screening

  • CBC with diff (to look for eosinophilia/hemoglobinopathy)
  • Chemistry panel
  • Hepatitis B/C serologies
  • O&P x3
  • PPD (please see TB document in guideline section on this webpage for additional screening and management as per Tb clinic for HIV infected refugees)
  • RPR
  • History for evaluation of PTSD/Depression

II. Vaccinations

  • Td (toxoid, tetanus and diphtheria): all adults q10 years, if vaccine history is not clear, the primary series (0,4wks, 6 mo) should be given,
  • Inactivated Polio Vaccine: only if <18yo
  • MMR (live vaccine): give if born after 1956, do not give if >65yo or CD4<200
  • Hepatitis B (recombinant vaccine): if not immune

Dr. Frank Stackhouse in the International Clinic is an excellent resources for questions regarding management of immigrant and refugee issues.




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