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Recommended Laboratory Testing at Initial Visit

(updated 7/13/07)

In addition to confirming the HIV test, checking a CD4 count, viral load, CBC, and a comprehensive metabolic panel, the following serologic tests should be sent (table from In the appropriate racial groups (e.g. those of African and Mediterranean descent) one can test G6PD levels at initial visit given the possibility of inducing hemolysis with a number of medications used in HIV (e.g. bactrim, dapsone, and primaquine). It is recommended that all patients presenting initially for HIV care undergo genotypic resistance testing to assess primary antiretroviral resistance. Some experts recommend performing routine HSV serolgies given the extensive interactions between HIV and HSV-2 (including increased genital HIV shedding and viral loads during HSV-2 reactivation), and the availability of effective suppressive therapy for HSV.

Figure 1: Serologic Tests for various Virii

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