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Pharmacy Questions

Pharmacy Questions answer some commonly asked questions such as drug interactions and common side effects of medicines. Answers to these questions should be available: dual protease inhibitor dosing, including ritonavir boosted combinations; the most common drug interactions with antiretrovirals; renal dose adjustments of antiretrovirals. Questions not included in this section should be directed to the Madison Clinic pharmacy staff.

Medication Picture Guide

Medication teaching guide (provided by NW AETC). Provides graphic representation of commonly prescribed antiretroviral. Included pictures of most approved formulations.

Medicare D - Prior Authorizations

Since the switch to the new Medicare D plans many medication that required authorization from Medicaid also require the authorization through the new plans. The Madison Pharmacy staff normally completes these requests for medications filled on-site. Because there are so many different plans there is not a uniform process to complete prior authorizations.

A standard form exists [pdf] but you still need the fax number of the individual plan and patient information. Other resources can be found here.

Retail pharmacies may contact providers to get prior authorizations. Please feel free to enlist the help of our pharmacy staff to complete requests and expidite the process. Please include any paperwork you may have received.