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Procedure for Arranging Inpatient Admission

Harborview is often full. The slowest step of admitting a patient is oftentimes finding a bed for the patient. Therefore, when one first expects a patient to be admitted, the triage nurse should be notified. One should let the triage nurse know which service the patient will be admitted to and what the admitting diagnosis is. The triage nurse will call bed control to arrange a bed. When you have enough information, page the admitting team through the paging operator (147). The pager for admitting medicine is [restricted link].

On occasion, when Harborview's census is very high (aka "Code Purple") & you have difficulty securing a bed as detailed above, then contact Dan Lessler, MD to clear the admission with him. He can be reached through his [pager] or at his [office number].

Updated 12/06

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