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Fecal immunochemical test (I-FOBT)

Recently the lab transitioned to a new fecal immunochemical test (I-FOBT) as a means of detecting blood in stool. These tests are now provided to some patients as a means of conducting colorectal cancer screening. The tests are somewhat easier for patients to use; in particular, patients do not need to restrict their diets when using these tests as part of a colorectal cancer screening protocol.

Evidence-based guidelines call for conducting three separate tests on stool samples when testing for occult blood is done as part of a colorectal cancer protocol. RECOMMENDATIONS ARE CURRENTLY THE SAME FOR I-FOBT AS FOR THE OLDER HEMOCCULT TESTS; I.E., PATIENTS WHO ARE BEING SCREENED FOR COLORECTAL CANCER USING TESTING FOR OCCULT BLOOD IN FECES SHOULD SUBMIT TESTS ON 3 CONSECUTIVE STOOL SAMPLES.