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Procedure for PAP Smears

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  1. 1) The PAP kit can be found in the storage room. Please ask the nursing or MA staff for the PAP tray.

    2) Male providers should have a female chaperone to assist them during the exam. UW policy states that all patients should be offered a chaperone, and one should be provided if desired.

    3) Obtain an adequate sample from the ectocervix with the spatula by twisting the spatula at least 360 degrees at the transformation zone of the cervix. Rinse the spatula by vigorously twirling the spatula at least 10 times within the “PreservCyt Solution” provided within the kit. Gently knocking the spatula against the sides of the solution container may also be helpful.

    4) Obtain an adequate sample from the endocervix with the cytobrush by inserting the brush into the cervical os until only the bottommost bristles are visible outside the cervix and twisting the brush at least 90 degrees. Rinse the brush by twirling the brush 10 times while pushing against the PreservCyt vial wall and then swirling the brush vigorously to release any additional material.

    5) Discard the spatula and cytobrush and tighten the cap of the vial.

    6) Label the specimen vial, fill out the cytology form, and place in a plastic bag in the blue specimen container at the RN station or in the “soiled utility” room.

    7) Fill out the postcard with patient’s name, address, and label and place in purple folder in “soiled utility” room.

    Note: HIV patients with ASCUS or more advanced abnormality should be referred to colposcopy, not for HPV triage testing. (See “Screening for Cervical Cancer in Madison Clinic” in guidelines section for further details on recommendations for managing PAP smear abnormalities.)

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