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PowerNote Templates

[pdf 37kb]

In the PowerNotes Precompleted Tab, the templates are:

  1. Madison acute visit BPR
  2. Madison f/u BPR
  3. Madison Initial Clinic Note BPR
  4. Madison Initial PEP/Occ BPR
  5. Madison Initial PEPnon-occ BPR

You can do two things to make these notes more usable for you specifically:

  1. Save your own precompleted note with your signature.

    a. Add your signature information in the What+ box beneath the Signature heading and click OK to close it.

    b. Click File and Save as Precompleted Note. In the Note Title box, overwrite Bo’s initials (BPR) with your initials. Click to uncheck the box beside “save as shared precompleted note.” Then click the Save as New button.

  2. Put your newly created Precompleted Note into the Favorites tab.

    a. Click the Precompleted tab.
    b. Find the note you just saved with your initials in the title.
    c. Click to highlight the note row.
    d. Click the Add to Favorites button.
    e. Click the Favorites tab.
    (You should see your precompleted note in the Favorites list. It is now EASILY accessible for you to use on any patient.)

This is the Favorites tab AFTER performing the steps above.

Contact Bo Ruch, ARNP if questions.