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Abscess and Draining Wound Policy [MRSA]

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Due to an increased number of patients with community-associated MRSA presenting as skin and soft tissue infections such as abscesses or draining wounds, this policy has been developed to reduce the transmission of MRSA and other pathogens to patients and healthcare workers within Madison Clinic.

1. All healthcare workers should wash their hands before and after patient contact.

2. Patients noticed to have open draining wounds in the lobby or at time of check in should be triaged to have their wound covered with a dry dressing while waiting for their appointment.

3. In order to minimize contamination of exam rooms, patients with open draining wounds or an abscess requiring incision and drainage should be placed in the treatment room when possible.

4. Providers should wear a disposable gown and gloves when performing incision and drainage or caring for an open draining wound. Gowns and gloves should be discarded and alcohol gel applied to the hands at the end of the procedure prior to touching any surface in the room such as the keyboard or desk to prevent contamination of “clean” areas.

5. Incision and drainage trays with the necessary supplies will be available to facilitate the drainage procedure. These will be available in the treatment room and upon provider request.

6. Following incision and drainage or providing wound care, all hard surfaces that may have come into contact with the patient or body substances should be wiped down with the disposal alcohol wipes that are available in the treatment room and all exam rooms. The provider is responsible for this occurring.

7. This clinic policy applies to all Madison Clinic patients with draining wounds or abscesses regardless of whether the patient has a known history of MRSA.

MRSA Susceptibilities to PO Antibiotics

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Please contact Tim Dellit with questions regarding this policy.

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