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Madison Metabolic Clinic


Dr. Heidi Crane (Medical)

Ji Lee (Pharmacy)

Ben Atkinson (Nutrition)

Angie Bartels (Nursing)

Bradley Kosel (Pharmacy)

What: The Madison Metabolic Clinic is being created to provide complimentary primary care for our patients with dyslipidemias, hypertension, diabetes and other metabolic disorders. The Metabolic Clinic will operate as a referral service and work closely with the primary clinicians to provide supplementary care for patients with vexing metabolic issues.

When: NOW

Where: Madison Clinic. Currently, patients can be scheduled any day of the week to maintain flexibility. Scheduling will be based on provider availability and space. Starting in April we will have a scheduled half-day with Dr. Heidi Crane. This will most likely occur on the 2 nd and 4 th Fridays of the month depending on patient load.

The services provided will include:

  1. Nutritional training with diet and exercise;
  2. BIA evaluation;
  3. Diabetic teaching with glucose monitors, diet, exercise, eye and foot care,
  4. Medication adherence/education and drug therapy management;
  5. Lipid management including medication management and laboratory follow-up to meet standardized goals;
  6. Blood pressure evaluation with medication management;
  7. Anti-coagulation management.

How: The initial referral to the service will be done through Brad Kosel. Providers should fill out an ‘Outpatient Clinic Referral Request form’ located in the provider room and give it directly to Brad or the front desk. We must have an official referral before enrolling the patient in the service. Once the patient has been established in the Metabolic Clinic we will schedule follow up appointments for the patient.


1) HIV-associated dyslipidaemia: pathogenesis and treatment

2) Niacin and Lipoprotein(a): Facts, Uncertainties, and Clinical Considerations

3) Use of metabolic drugs and fish oil in HIV-positive patients with metabolic complications and associations with dyslipidaemia and treatment targets

4) Guidelines for the evaluation and management of dyslipidemia in human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-infected adults receiving antiretroviral therapy

5) Fish oil in the treatment of dyslipidemia

6) Comprehensive Lipid Management Versus Aggressive Low-Density Lipoprotein Lowering to Reduce Cardiovascular Risk

Any questions about the new service contact Brad Kosel, Heidi Crane or Bob Harrington.

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