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HMC Addictions Program - Suboxone Track

Suboxone is available through the HMC Addictions Program for patients with CNP or GAU medical coupons and for some patients with private insurance.

Patients receive Suboxone and are required to:

  • see a program physician,
  • attend weekly group treatment,
  • submit regular urine toxicology tests,
  • and participate in a flexible frequency of one on one counseling. 

Medical and psychiatric services are available on site and some patients are co-managed with Harborview Mental Health Services. This program is "abstinence-based," meaning that patients who are not committed and able to stop all illicit drugs and alcohol are likely to be better served in either inpatient treatment or a methadone maintenance program.  Concurrent benzodiazepine use, even with a prescription, is not allowed because such use disrupts the effectiveness of the group treatment setting. 

Patients with medical coupons (Medicaid or Medicare) can be treated with Suboxone for 6 months with a single 6-month extension.  They may need to be referred to methadone treatment if they require a longer duration of medication-assisted treatment.  

Patients with Medicare Part D may have no restriction on the duration of treatment, but patients wanting extended treatment ware usually expected to transition out of the Addictions Program and back to primary care. This requires a primary care provider who is trained and credentialed to prescribe Suboxone.

Options for patients/providers considering Suboxone for opioid dependence:
1) Have patient call the HMC Addictions Program (744-9657) to determine whether he or she is a candidate for the program and whether adequate funding is in place.
2) Contact Dr. Joe Merrill for questions.

For patients who are not candidates for Suboxone, methadone maintenance vouchers are available through Joan Clement.


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