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Expectations of Residents

We are happy to accommodate any resident who elects to rotate through the Madison Clinic and greatly appreciate the efforts of residents who help us care for our patients. At times, however, some residents have called on relatively short notice either to say that they will be late to clinic or to inform us that they need to cancel their clinic session altogether. This can create significant problems for the patients slated to see that resident. Illness and some life misadventures are good reasons for not making it to clinic, but historically, some excuses have been “weak”. Once you’re on the schedule we do count on you and hope you will be able to keep your commitment.

Residents must review all cases with the attending during the clinic session that the patient is seen. Attendings must examine all patients with first year residents who have less than six months experience. It is not necessary that attendings examine patients seen by residents with more experience that 6 months, however, attending should see all patients with complicated or serious problems. Residents are expected to type clinic notes in ORCA and to complete billing documents.

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