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Fellows at the Madison Clinic

Infectious Diseases fellows are now required to complete 12 months of continuity care for HIV patients and to follow 20 patients. These requirements are under review and may change but are goals. The clinic requires the following commitments from fellows:

  1. A minimum commitment of 1/2 day per week for 1 year.
  2. Eventually follow a panel of at least 20 patients. All patient visits must be reviewed with the attending during the session, although it is not necessary that patients be interviewed or examined by the attending. Fellows are expected to type clinic notes in ORCA and to complete ACE billing documents.
  3. Please show up on time, don’t leave early, and don’t block out large portions of your clinic session. Even if you don’t have patients scheduled we’d like to have you available to see “walk-in” patients and to contribute your expert opinions to some of the puzzling clinical cases we have.
  4. If your patients are admitted to the Bailey Boushay House, or the assisted living facilities, Rosehedge or DeWolfe House, it is expected that you will continue to follow those patients. This may require visiting patients at those facilities if they cannot be transported to the Madison Clinic for regular appointments.
  5. If you leave town or cannot be contacted for > 12 hours during the week, you are expected to sign out to another provider in the clinic and notify the nursing staff at 744-5113. Providers do not typically sign out on weekends, although, if you have a patient at Bailey or another institution you should inform them of your plans and who is covering for you. All nursing facilities have a medical director who can be contacted if the primary provider is not available but it is always preferable to have the primary provider or their designate field questions and problems. The AIDS medcon service also provides back-up coverage when the primary provider cannot be reached.

    Some providers choose not to arrange coverage and plan to be available by cell phone or pager. If you do so, please ensure that you are within pager/mobile range & inform the staff accordingly -- if you are not within range or are not sure whether you will be, please sign out to another provider.

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