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Ongoing Clinical Studies

University of Washington AIDS Clinical Trials Unit
325 9th Avenue, 2-West Clinic
Box 359929
Seattle WA 98104
206.744.3184 (voice) 206.744.3483 (fax) (website)

The following is a list of studies open for enrollment. Screening, lab tests and clinical monitoring that are part of a study are provided free of charge for participants. Enrollment in a study at the ACTU does not replace the role of a primary care provider. The ACTU coordinates efforts with each participant’s primary care provider. Providers and potential enrollees can call the ACTU at 206.744.3184 and ask for Lori for appointments or additional information.

  1. ACTU Research Study List (routinely updated)
  2. Research Studies Available at Madison Clinic (92kb pdf)
  3. Christina Marra - Syphilis study [pdf]. UW ID to log on.



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