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Adult AIDS Clinical Trial Group (AACTG) consists of 34 units nationwide including the University of Washington. At the ACTU, HMC patients can be enrolled in a number of studies dealing with the treatment of HIV. Carol Glenn is the contact person for study enrollment at 744-8748 or e-mail Under trials on this website is a list of some of the ongoing trials at HMC.

The mission of the Centers for AIDS Research (CFAR) program of the Division of AIDS, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), the National Cancer Institute (NCI), the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD), the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI), the National Institute on Drug Abuse, (NIDA) and the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) of the National Institutes of Health is to support a multi-disciplinary environment that promotes basic, clinical, epidemiologic, behavioral, and translational research in the prevention, detection, and treatment of HIV infection and AIDS.

Registry - The Harborview Medical Center Madison Clinic and the University of Washington Virology Clinic Registry is composed of patients followed at the Madison and Virology Clinics who have agreed to allow review of their medical record by the Registry staff for the purpose of referral to HIV-related research studies. Patients’clinical data are regularly downloaded from their electronic medical record into a comprehensive database called the University of Washington HIV Information System (UWHIS). The UWHIS uses Microsoft SQL Server software to capture demographic, diagnosis code, laboratory, medication, radiology, pathology, clinic visit and other clinical management data during the course of routine patient care. The UWHIS currently provides observational datasets that are used for patient care, quality assurance reports, grant proposals and observational research studies. All Madison and Virology Clinic patients are asked to join the Registry. The nursing staff usually consents patients who agree to enroll.

Repository -
The HIV Specimen Repository is a collection of blood and other specimens from the Madison and Virology Clinic Registry patients who have agreed to participate in the repository project and from other HIV-infected patients enrolled in independently-approved studies. Clinical specimens contributed by patients who are part of the Madison and Virology Clinic Registry are linked to coded, comprehensive clinical data facilitating future investigations of the biological correlates of clinical disease. Specimens are stored until use (or indefinitely) in freezers or liquid nitrogen tanks located in the retrovirus laboratory in the Harborview Research and Training building. Registry patients who consent to participate in the UW HIV Specimen Repository will be asked to donate 30 mL of blood 3 times per year (approximately every 4 months). Investigators who want to access Repository specimens must submit an application that is reviewed by the Repository steering committee. Specimens with coded clinical data are released to only to investigators whose requests are approved by the steering committee. Contacts for the Repository are Natalie Johnson (Repository Research Assistant, phone 744-6960), Christine Lee-Cavaness (Repository Manager, phone 744-4630) and Bob Harrington (Repository Director, phone 744-4630