MAD Lab iResearch Fair 2017

Exhibit Number:
  1. From the lab to the crowd: Scaling end-user elicitation studies for crowd-based design
    Abdullah Ali, Meredith Ringel Morris, Jacob O. Wobbrock

  2. Adaptive support for collaborative learning at tabletop computers
    Abigail Evans, Katie Davis, James Fogarty, Jacob O. Wobbrock

  3. The effects of visual presentation on the perceived veracity of unfamiliar news sources
    Anya Hsu, Michael Magee, Marijn Burger, Jacob O. Wobbrock

  4. Anachronism by design: Understanding young adult technology perspectives through end-user icon elicitation
    Erin McAweeney, Abdullah Ali, Jacob O. Wobbrock

  5. Accessible touch input for people with motor impairments
    Martez E. Mott, Jacob O. Wobbrock

  6. Designing peer-based supportive chat tools for mental health
    Katie O'Leary, Wanda Pratt, Jacob O. Wobbrock

  7. Enhancing the accessibility of mobile applications with interaction proxies
    Xiaoyi Zhang, Anne Spencer Ross, Anat Caspi, James Fogarty, Jacob O. Wobbrock

  8. Epidemiology as a model for large-scale application accessibility assessment
    Anne Spencer Ross, Jacob O. Wobbrock

  9. Incorporating design for social accessibility in design thinking
    Kristen Shinohara, Jacob O. Wobbrock, Wanda Pratt

  10. RainCheck: Making capacitive touch work in the rain
    Tony Tung, Vivek Shankar, Mayank Goel, Jacob O. Wobbrock

  11. Drunk User Interfaces: Using smartphone-based human performance tests to detect inebriation
    Alex Mariakakis, Abdullah Ali, Sayna Parsi, Shwetak N. Patel, Jacob O. Wobbrock