Susumu Harada
CSE; co-advised w/
James A. Landay;
currently at

Jeff Huang
iSchool; co-advised w/
Susan Dumais;
currently at
Brown University

Jessica J. Tran
EE; co-advised w/
Eve A. Riskin and
Richard E. Ladner;
currently at

Shiri Azenkot
CSE; co-advised w/
Richard E. Ladner;
currently at
Cornell Tech

Kristen Shinohara
iSchool; co-advised w/
Wanda Pratt;
currently at

Other Student Collaborators

Annie Ross, CSE Ph.D. student
Mayank Goel, CSE Ph.D. student
Phillip Pasqual, Informatics major
Alex Jansen, iSchool Ph.D. student
Eun Kyoung Choe, iSchool Ph.D. student
Morgan Dixon, CSE Ph.D. student
Jeffrey Bigham, CSE Ph.D. student
Jon Froehlich, CSE Ph.D. student
Nelson Nogales, iSchool RA
Tressa Johnson, MLIS student
Ben Q. Lee, Informatics major
Peter Kamb, Informatics major
Fernando Santamarina, ACMS major
Chinmay Nirkhe, Lakeside Upper School
Dominik Zmuda, Liberty High School

Prospective Ph.D. students: We are always looking for talented new students who want to pursue an aggressive research-driven Ph.D. in HCI. You should have strong skills in at least two of the following: computer programming, interaction design, and/or quantitative research methods (i.e., experiment design, statistics). Being a good HCI researcher is about having creative original ideas—you must produce new knowledge, not just be good at exams and assignments others have given you. If you think you might be a good fit, contact Dr. Wobbrock and apply to our Ph.D. in Information Science or the Ph.D. in Computer Science & Engineering.

Masters students and undergraduates: Come work with us! If you are interested in joining one of our HCI research projects and have good computer programming skills, please contact me. (Please read some of our research papers first.) Note that if you are a working member of our research team, co-authorship and funded travel are possibilities. However, you should expect to join our team for at least 2 quarters, and you must be willing to put in 10 hours/week. Independent study credits may also be arranged.