Marine biology at the University of Washington (UW) spans the entire campus, connecting scientists from a diverse array of disciplines. Faculty, staff, and students studying marine biology come from award-winning departments such as Oceanography, Aquatic & Fishery Sciences, Biology and others. All of us are dedicated to the study of life in the marine world, human impacts, and conservation efforts.

Studying Marine Biology at UW

The UW trains many future marine biologists. Incoming undergraduate students interested in marine biology can:

Because the UW is connected intimately to the Puget Sound and Pacific coastal areas, all marine biology coursework emphasizes hands-on learning.

Marine Biology Community

In addition to the marine biology minor and related majors, the UW has many opportunities for students and UW community members to explore the marine environment through courses and events offered through programs and departments in the environmental and biological sciences.

Get informed with the latest news, courses, and resources through the UW Marine Biology Blog.

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