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fhllabsMany internship and career opportunities are available for students studying marine biology. Students who supplement their coursework with hands-on learning opportunities build their skills as scientists and add to their resumes. Internships also are an excellent way to make connections with potential employers and prepare for graduate study. Many of the internships listed below have formal application processes, but students can also contact various marine stations and facilities on their own and ask about internship and research opportunities.

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Photos from top: Cameron Carter interning at Northwest Fisheries Science Center, by Emily Beyer; Cameron measuring salmon, by Emily Beyer; Sophie Pierszalowski interning for National Marine Mammal Lab, by Sally Mizroch; Humpback calf Stencil, NMFS Permit No. 782-1719, by Sophie Pierszalowski; Hollis Kenney with plankton tow at Friday Harbor Labs; Hollis emptying tow, by Emily Beyer; Friday Harbor Labs' C/V Centennial, by Emily Beyer