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College of Arts & Sciences
(S) Karen Petersen
(S) Martha Bosma
(S) Blayne Heckel
(S) Ann Culligan
(S) Martha Bosma
(S) Alexandra Nichifor
(A) Liping Yu
(A)Miceal Vaughan
(A) Leroy Searle
(A) Emily Bender
(A) Russell Hugo
(A) Paul Atkins
(A) Bich-Ngoc Turner
(A) Barbara Citko
(A) Philip Brock
(A) Annegret Oehme
(A) Arbella Bet-Shlimon
(A) Connie So

(A) Lauren Graham

(A) Patricia Kramer

College of Built Environments
(BE) Robert Peña
(BE) William Bender
(BE) Ken Yocom
 (BE) Keith Harris

Business School
(B) Barry Erickson
(B) Peter Demerjian
(B) Ruth Huwe
 (B) Frances Maloy

College of Education
(E) Gail Joseph
(E) Carol Davis
(E) Angel Fettig
 (E) Selma Powell

College of Engineering
(S) Ramulu Mamidala
(S) Rich Christie

College of the Environment
(E) Susan Hautala
(E) Yen-Chu Weng
(E) Chelsea Wood
(E) Rick Keil

The Information School
(I) Scott Barker
(I) David Hendry
(I) Greg Hay

Schools of Medicine & Nursing
(N) Pamela Mitchell
(M) Gino "FJ" Gianola
(M) Jeffrey McCroskey

School of Social Work & School of Public Health
(SW) Nancy Farwell
(SW) Justin Lerner
(PH) Chuck Treser
(PH) Lee Monteith