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College of Arts & Sciences
(S) Linda Martin-Morris
(S) Harium Martin-Morris
(S) Scott Freeman
(S) Martha Bosma
(S) Jessica Sullivan
(S) Chris Laws
(A) Gail Stygall
(A) Miceal Vaughan
(A) Patricia Kramer
(A) Julia Herschensohn
(A) Stephen Sumida
(A) Gail Nomura
(A) Rick Bonus
(A) Connie So
(A) Elissa Washuta
(A) Arbella Bet-Shlimon
(A) Paul Atkins
(A) Karen Petersen
(A) Nancy Kenney
(A) Michelle Habell-Pallán
(A) Michele Aoki
(A) Angela Ginorio

College of Built Environments
(BE) Elizabeth Umbanhowar
(BE) Brandon Born
(BE) Saeed Daniali
 (BE) Rick Mohler

Business School
(B) Debra Glassman
(B) Hamed Mamani
(B) Peter Demerjian
 (B) Nancy Pasternack

College of Education
(E) Gail Joseph

College of Engineering
(S) Ramulu Mamidala
(S) Steven Tanimoto
(S) Richard Christie

College of the Environment
(F) Kern Ewing
(F) Sarah Reichard
(E & S)
(E & S)

The Information School
(I) Scott Barker
(I) David Hendry
(I) Mike Doane

Schools of Medicine & Nursing
(N) Susan Spieker
(M) Susan Symington
(M) Terry Scott

School of Social Work & School of Public Health
(PH) Chuck Treser
(PH) Sara Mackenzie