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Materials Science Day Camp, Seattle

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ASM Materials Day Camp Seattle HIGHLIGHTS

ASM Materials Camp allows high school students to experience the exciting field of material science in a hands on way. Students have access to high-tech equipment and professional mentors to help them tackle real problems facing the field today. Here is a list of some of the exciting and educational events for this year's camp.

Hands on Material Science Look at how materials perform by bending, stretching, and crushing them until they break. See how different materials are made and how they are formed into the things we use every day.

Working with "Materials Mentors"
Materials Mentors are practicing engineers from local companies. Small groups of four to five students will team up with a Mentor and work on projects at the UW Materials Science & Engineering department and at the research facilities of the Mentor's company. Mentors from Boeing, Boston Scientific, PacMet, Fatigue Technology, Jorgensen Forge, TesnorCrete and Schaeffer Engineering participated in past camps. See the wonderful student presentations below:

2014: Fly Ash Cement, Analog Computers, Dynamics Mechanical Analysis, Fasteners and Lubrication, Steel Impact Testing, Static and Fatigue Testing

2011: Krazy Glue, Fracture Analysis, Torque Tension, Fatigue Technology

Introduction to Materials Science
Students will take introductory courses to Materials Science. Instructors include professors from the University of Washington and others.

Scanning Electron Microscope
Students will observe structures on the nanoscale with the UW Material Science & Engineering department's state of the art Scanning Electron Microscope.

Careers in Materials Science & Engineering
Panel of current and retired engineers and professors will discuss the various career opportunities for students who study materials science and engineering.

Presentations and Graduation Ceremony
On the final day of the camp, students will present what they learned in a formal presentation. We will then have a graduation ceremony and luncheon. Parents are invited!

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