The Venture Capital (VC) Fellowship – How two MBA students are connecting Foster MBAs and the Seattle VC community

venture capital fellowship blog post

Meet Ken Horenstein and Rob Skatrud, two first-year MBA students who are partnering with the Buerk Center of Entrepreneurship to start a Venture Capital Fellowship for future Foster MBA students. They met through the Venture Capital and Investment Competition class at UW, which prepares students to compete in the global competition. UW won the Silicon Valley region and placed second in the in world in 2015!

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Making an Impact: Sustainability Resources at Foster

Interested in using your MBA experience to be a force for social good? It’s my pleasure to introduce this guest post by Phoebe Lipkis (Class of 2016), our 2015-2016 Net Impact Club President. She’s a truly inspired leader and an amazing classmate. This is her guide on all the resources available to Foster MBA students who are interested in maximizing their social impact.

Sustainability resources at foster The Pacific Northwest is a hotbed of social entrepreneurs, environmentalists, outdoor enthusiasts, and do-gooders. New Foster students looking to use their MBAs for social or environmental good will find an abundance of resources at their fingertips. Here’s a guide to make it easier for you to navigate these resources and create new opportunities.

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Introducing: Marcus Dover, our new Diversity Initiatives Coordinator!

It’s my pleasure to introduce Marcus Dover (Class of 2016), our new Diversity Initiatives Coordinator for 2015-2016! Prior to the MBA, Marcus was in Accounting and Finance, and hopes to go into Marketing or Strategy. He’s also a huge 49ers fan and is active in the Foster Marketing Association, Diversity in Business, and many other clubs!

Marcus Dover, Class of 2016

Marcus Dover, Class of 2016

What led you to pursue an MBA?

I decided to pursue an MBA because I wanted to switch gears and do something completely different with my career. I was no longer interested in accounting, but also wasn’t quite sure what type of career I was interested in pursuing. I knew an MBA would allow me to explore new career possibilities while gaining a new skill set that would allow me to successfully make the switch.

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Foster C4C Sports Weekend 2015 Recap: Go Dawgs!

Challenge for Charity (C4C) is a MBA student-led non-profit organization that brings together nine West Coast Business Schools to support the Special Olympics, Boys and Girls Clubs, and local charities. Their signature event is the annual C4C Sports Weekend in Palo Alto. It’s an awesome time and one of the most cherished memories for many Foster MBA students. It’s my pleasure to introduce Erin Poulter, one the outgoing Challenge For Charity (C4C) co-presidents, who provides some great insight on what it was like to be at the C4C Sports Weekend this year!

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The summit is only the halfway point: thoughts on the first year of the MBA

mount st helens summit A few short weeks ago, the MBA class of 2016 breathed a collective sigh of relief as the last final was turned in, we had our end of year celebrations, and said our farewells to the graduating class of 2015. The class of 2015 is now transitioning into their post-MBA careers, and the class of 2016 is already starting their summer internships. We are now officially “second-years.”

For anyone looking to embark on their own MBA journey, here are my thoughts on the first year:

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Introducing the New 2015-2016 Social Media Coordinator!

It’s my pleasure to introduce the new Social Media Coordinator for the Foster Full Time MBA Program, Roberto Molina! He’s a first-year MBA (Class of 2016) and originally hails from Mexico City. We had a great time on the same study team in Winter Quarter together. Read on for more about Roberto!
roberto molina portrait
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What was your favorite elective, and why?

Here at Foster, we have a variety of elective classes that we can take, but there’s not enough time for them all! However, there are some elective classes that everyone seems to love. Several members of the Full-Time Class of 2015 gave us the inside scoop on their favorites:

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Blue Dot Perspective: Mattie

blue dot perspective - mattie

Guest post by Mattie Winistorfer, a wonderful 2016 Blue Dot! Mattie’s fiance is a current student here at Foster, and she is a member of the ‘Blue Dots’ – the network of spouses and significant others whose loved ones are in the Foster MBA program. The name comes from the blue dot stickers that were put on their name tags during Admitted Student Welcome Weekends, to indicate that they were the spouse/significant other of an admitted student.

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MBA Study Tour: Spring Break in Japan!

Alum gathering in Japan Every year, Foster MBA students get to travel the world as part of long-term MBA exchange programs or on short-term study tours/projects, led by the Global Business Center. This is Peter Kazarian’s account of the March ’15 study tour in Japan. Super jealous.

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Powerful conversations: FOSTERing MBA Access

Fostering mba access

Interview with Junny Kim, 1st-year MBA, Class of 2016. FOSTERing MBA Access is a student-run series of events sponsored by the Diversity In Business Club, Women In Business Club, and Out In Business Club. The events are dedicated to increasing awareness and access to MBA-level education in underrepresented communities.

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