Day in the Life

The “Makes-You-Proud” Kind of Busy

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

I told someone the other day that the MBA program at Foster really begins on the first day of Prime and LEAD. The two weeks of orientation and teambuilding are a whirlwind of nametags, handshakes, happy hours, and workshops, but they are an invaluable introduction to the Foster experience. While it may be difficult for anyone to fully prepare for an MBA program (I would love to know what that looks like!), the program orientation goes a long way towards jump starting a sense of community and purpose in our class.

Prime and LEAD seem to be designed to communicate a simple fact: we will be busy this year. But not to worry – I can vouch that this is a good busy, a worthwhile busy, the makes-you-proud kind of busy. I also glean from the program that we will be depending on others, perhaps more than we ever have. Those “others” are our classmates, our instructors, and the tireless Foster staff dedicated to our success. The MBA program directors really put on a great show; it is comforting to know we are in capable hands!

~ Guest Blogger Aaron Shepherd, Full-Time Class of 2013

Back to School

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

It’s day two of my second year in the Foster MBA program and it’s great to be back.  The new building isn’t 100% finished yet, but we’re up and running and it’s a HUGE upgrade from good old Balmer High.

Here’s a glimpse of what a day in the life of a 2nd year looks like.  You can expect more of these entries in the future from other current MBAs.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

7:00 am – Wake up and take a short run through Cowen Park. Have to get in my outdoor runs before the rain starts again! Quick breakfast and a cup (or two) of coffee and I’m out the door to walk to campus.

9:30 am – Join my first-year team in one of their first meetings. Part of my role as a Fritsky Leadership Fellow is to provide feedback on their team dynamics and process.

10:30 am – Have my first Ethics class with Scott Reynolds and learn the team I’ll be working with for the quarter. We have some exciting projects, including a multi-round debate and the opportunity to present to Dan Bross, Senior Director of Corporate Citizenship at Microsoft.

12:30 pm – Attend a Women in Business sponsored lunch event about personal branding. Great talk and free pizza. Not bad.

1:30 pm – Work through a case with another new team in my first corporate finance class. Almost certain that Jennifer Koski is the nicest professor I’ve ever met.

3:30 pm – Rush over to the MBA program office after class for a meeting with Tim Hossain to discuss the upcoming Preview Weekend, Shadow Days, and other events for the quarter that require Student Ambassador volunteers.

4:00 pm – Hang out with a few classmates outside Orin’s Place café in Paccar Hall, chatting and sorting through my assignments for the quarter.  I feel SO much better with a to-do list!

6:00 pm – Walk home, whip up a quick dinner and sneak in a rerun of The Office. You know, the one where Toby leaves for Costa Rica and Andy steals Jim’s proposal night? Hilarious.

7:30 pm – Spend the next couple of hours reading a finance case, writing my weekly Ethics journal entry, and working on my keyboard parts before the MBA band practice this Sunday.

11:00 pm – Call it quits after 16 hours. Pretty normal day in the life of a Foster MBA.