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What is Jump Start?

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

JUMP START – as the name suggests, this event was a kick on the d’arrière and a friendly reminder to get moving. In more ways than one, it was a preview of things to follow. Jump start ran from Sep 19 through Sep 23 and covered topics in Statistics, Accounting and Finance with the aim of giving a quick brush up of the basic concepts and an overview of the course content for the Fall quarter. Throughout the build up to the beginning of the session, second years kept driving the point home- come fall hit the ground running; those of us who didn’t take the advice seriously were surely rocked off their feet a bit. The five full days of intense instructions, covering a depth and breadth of the topics, were not for the faint of heart- especially when most of us were returning to school after a gap of five to seven years. Having said that, jump start gave a good perspective on the academic requirements in the course and where one stood with respect to those requirements. It was also a good time to bond with fellow students before the going got busier and tougher. This perhaps is the last time when the entire batch is together before it is split into sections and you see less and less of each other. The Happy Hours, sponsored by various clubs with an open tab (which I missed most of the time), were a good release and also a reminder of work-life balance in the busy schedule that lay ahead.
One has an option to skip either one or all Jump Start sessions by passing a qualifying exam with a 90% score. However, Jump Start delivers beyond academics and even if one can clear all the qualifying exams, it would be a good idea to attend at least couple of session to get in the groove.

Special thanks to Professors Gilbert and Kennedy for bringing order to the chaos and making Jump Start a fruitful experience.

~Guest blogger, Piyush Jain, Full-Time Class of 2013

“Jeff, does that make sense?”

Monday, September 21st, 2009

For those not familiar with Jump Start, it’s basically a crash course in Accounting, Quant, and Finance designed to bring all incoming MBA students up to speed on concepts we’ll be expected to understand come the start of classes. It’s been a great way to get back into the swing of the school mentality without the pressure of handing in assignments and taking tests (that count, because we did do multiple quizzes and even finished off our accounting course with a ‘final’).

In addition to the academic side of things, Jump Start has also been a great way for me to meet some of my classmates and become close with those proficient in Excel. My own lack of expertise was made public very early on by our Quant professor, Thomas Gilbert, when we were asked, by raise of hands, who had limited experience with Excel. Sitting in the back row, I had no problem saving face and I raised my hand high over my head. I didn’t realize I had just sealed my fate as the barometer for the rest of the week for how well the class was understanding the Excel functions. “Jeff, does that make sense?” “Jeff, are we good?”. Those questions definitely kept me on my toes during my first week of the MBA experience, and also served as the means of meeting a lot of my classmates.

Beyond the classes, it was really good to see the MBA culture take shape during this first week. There seems to be a lot of talk about the collaborative environment and a culture of teamwork fostered in most MBA programs. I got to see this teamwork first-hand as classmates seated around me offered a helping hand throughout the Quant and Finance sections. Some even fell behind as the professor pressed forward, just to make sure I was understanding all of the content. It was nice to see it wasn’t solely lip service, but that our collaborative culture within the Foster family has begun forming just in this first week.

Wrapping up the adventures of the Jump Start experience, it’s worth noting the incredible experience that served as the grand finale. Our beloved Huskies beat the #3 ranked USC Trojans and I rushed the field with my Foster colleagues! So much for my feelings of disappointment for choosing a school with a sub-par football program. Go Dawgs!!

Guest Blogger: E. Jeff Hullinger, Foster MBA Class of 2011