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Professor Dinners

Thursday, July 14th, 2011

There is a tradition at Foster in which classmates volunteer to host a dinner for a core professor and several other classmates during the summer months. This past Saturday, Stacie did the honors of cooking for Professor Mark Hillier (quantitative methods) and company in her 15th floor downtown apartment with a view. It was a gorgeous day, so the balcony was well-used by the party as we all enjoyed the Seattle summer sun. For dinner, her fiancé grilled a whole salmon, and served it with salad and sweet potatoes. The entire main course presentation was amazing and tasted delicious! Conversation was easy as we discussed academics, summer plans, enormous spiders, and food, seamlessly moving from topic to topic. Dessert was individual cheesecakes from The Confectional. Judging by the radiating smiles and grunts of food happiness they were exceptionally tasty. All in all it was a delightful evening of good food and good company. I am glad Foster has this tradition as it enables interaction with professors outside of the world of academia. I look forward to attending more of these dinners!

An Intense First Week

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

One of my classmates was pondering on Tuesday if the start of classes would feel anti-climatic after 2 weeks of orientation and leadership training.

After two days of classes, I think I can safely say “nope”. Not anti-climatic at all… As a matter of fact, I don’t think the effort and energy required in this program will peak until we sign our job offers. (And even then, because hopefully we’ll all get offers post-internships, we’ll have to finish up the school year.)

The MBA program at Foster is intense.

The professors are intense. One of them knew all of our names and faces on Day 1. (He also knew about my personal blog! Aye.) Another one gambled with us. And another one shouted, “Show me the data!” Jerry MacGuire style. These people are passionate and well trained, and I’m going to learn a lot. (By the way, one thing I heard today from our accounting professor was, “Don’t confuse comfort and learning.” So true.)

The MBAA clubs are intense. I’m still grappling with what clubs to join… In the mean time, there are club events almost every day and evening. One of the clubs, just as an example, organizes around case competitions, which are essentially math club for MBAs. (Someone made that analogy for me, and I love it.) Case competitions are going to be intense.

My fellow MBA classmates are intense. Smart people, who are all accomplished, and who are all ready to take this MBA program and run. I’m going to have to become one with being very, very average. Not to mention the 2nd years who are back from summer internships, full of experience.

Speaking of… Searching for an internship/job is intense. We had our first job fair this week. I had my photo professionally taken last week. I ordered business cards. And I’m scheduling info interviews for, you know, that extra time on my hands.

So, what I’m figuring out is that I need to be intense. This pretty much means staying on my toes at all times. I need to do as much as I can proactively. And I need to load my Husky Card with money so I can ensure I’m caffeinated at all times.

As I wrap up my first full week of classes, there’s definitely one thing I feel very intense about… Show me the weekend!


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