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Advice to First Years from the Class of 2016

Friday, September 25th, 2015

We’re officially second-years!

Flashback to June 2015: We had just finished final exams and final projects for Spring Quarter…which meant that we were done with the first year of our MBA program. We were officially second years! A couple of students from the Class of 2016 were asked to talk about what the first year of our MBA program was like, and if we had any advice for the Class of 2017.


Welcome to the Foster MBA Blog

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

With the help of the Foster MBA Admissions Office, we have launched a blog! We’ll be focusing on the student experience, from applications through graduation and beyond. Returning to graduate school for an MBA is a life changing decision, but we hope to provide valuable insight into what student life is like here at Foster – helping you make a well informed decision about your MBA pursuit.

I know as I researched schools and contemplated an MBA I had countless questions. After surviving my first year in the Foster MBA program and working full-time at my summer internship, it’s hard now to remember what those questions were so please feel free to send me yours by posting them in the comments section of any entry.