Meet your Executive Council
Meet your student elected executive council which governs Foster student led activities.
Stuart Childress, Jake Childs, Alex Keeney Stewart, Junny Kim
C4C Sports Weekend
Annual competition with 8 west coast business schools in support of Boys & Girls Club, Special Olympics and U-District Food Bank

Leader of the Month

May 2015. Rosalinda Mendoza, for her quiet leadership in leading efforts with various clubs (Foster Marketing Association, Diversity in Business, etc.) and Becky See, for her hard work and dedication as VP of Diversity. For previous leaders, click here.

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MBAA Fast Facts

What is the MBAA?

MBAA is the student elected government organization for full-time MBA’s at Foster School of Business.  

Why Should I Join?

MBAA members gain access to join over 20+ clubs, free admittance to TG and other quarterly parties, business cards, and student lounge facility maintenance.

How Do I Join?

Members pay dues once at the beginning of the program which will cover the two years you will spend at Foster.  

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