Tara Madhyastha, PhD

Research Assistant Professor, UW Department of Radiology
ADRC Satellite Core, Co-Investigator/ Project 3 Co-Investigator

Dr. Tara Madhyastha is interested in the development of new methods for quantifying change in functional networks of the brain using neuroimaging. As a member of the UW Integrated Brain Imaging Center, she applies her extensive background in the modeling of complex systems in computer architecture, cognition and behavior in educational systems, and nonlinear influence in marriage. In the past, she has been responsible for multimodal neuroimaging data collection and analysis in the Seattle Longitudinal Study (N~160, data collected at 4 time points).

At the UW ADRC, she is characterizing dynamic fluctuations of connectivity within brain intrinsic networks, and how these fluctuations are affected by age and neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases. The aim is to validate imaging measures as a new biomarker for tracking the progression of brain diseases and the effect of treatment.

Research Interests

Neuroimaging of functional brain networks; Neurodegeneration

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