Satellite Core

Little is known about Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and vascular brain injury in American Indian (AI) populations. Therefore, in collaboration with Partnerships for Native Health (P4NH), the Satellite Core is conducting a pilot project on AD among participants of the Strong Heart Stroke Study (SHSS) in Oklahoma, Dakotas, and Arizona. The Satellite Core will re-examine surviving SHSS participants using the same MRI, clinical, cognitive, and functional testing augmented by additional measures related to AD. The aim is to document longitudinal changes in MRI-defined brain structures and their relationship to cognitive or functional decline. P4NH and the Satellite Core also works with the Outreach, Recruitment, and Education (ORE) Core to raise awareness of AD in AI communities. This Satellite Core offers an unparalleled opportunity to assess Alzheimer’s in an understudied population, contributing a more accurate understanding of AD which sets the stage for improved detection, treatment, and prevention for this disabling condition.

Image: Partnerships for Native Health