Developmental Biology, Stem Cells & Aging

The MCB program's strengths in developmental biology and regenerative medicine are many. Active programs study organism development in models such as  zebrafish, Drosophila, and Arabidopsis.  

The Seattle Developmental Biology Group meets several times a year to communicate new ideas.

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Cutting edge stem cell research is carried out at the Institute for Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine (ISCRM), located on the South Lake Union campus.

Aging research is supported by the Nathan Shock Center of Excellence in Basic Biology of Aging

Neurogenesis Seminar
Stem Cells in Development and Regeneration
Cell Biology of Development
The Developmental Basis of Human Disease
Cell Migration
Biology and Pathology of Aging
Developmental Neurobiology

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Evo-devo of basal vertebrates
Molecular regulation of synaptic structure and function
developmental genetic analysis in model organisms
Functional genomics of patterning and morphogenesis
Signal transduction in the nervous system
Synapse formation
Genetics and therapies of muscular dystrophy
cardiovascular development
The molecular basis for cell transparency
Regulation of neuron migration and cancer
Genetic control of craniofacial development
The Molecular Basis of Somatosensory Perception
regulation of the mammalian sex chromosomes
Microenvironmental regulation of disseminated tumor cells
Using yeast to study the aging process.
Cell Adhesion in Morphogenesis and Disease
hereditary blood cancers and tumor clonality
Molecular mechanisms of aging
stem cell biology and therapy
Early embryonic zebrafish development
Organ growth and wasting; signaling network
Electrophysiological properties of ESC-derived cardiomyocyte
Organelle biogenesis and architecture; membrane traffic.
Responses to hydrogen sulfide and hypoxia
morphogenesis and neuron migration in brain development
spontaneous electrical activity in neural development
Stem cells, Regeneration, Wnt signaling, Cancer biology
Stem cell biology of the cardiovascular system
logic and dynamics of networks controlling plant growth
Neurodegeneration & mitochondrial quality control
post-embryonic stem cells, morphogenesis and evolution
Wound repair, Cytoskeletal Dynamics and Nuclear Organization
Somatosensory neuron development in Drosophila
embryogenesis and germ cell development
Aging, networks and genetic variation in Drosophila
Mouse models of improved healthspan and aging
zebrafish nervous system development and genetics
retinal development and regeneration
stem cells in development and disease, muscular dystrophy
pathways contributing to hematopoietic failure and malignanc
Evolution and Development of the Chordates
stem cell, receptor signaling, and patterning in plants
Cell polarity and cell adhesion in development and cancer
cell signaling and proteomics
Fertilization & paternal effects on early development
genome analysis of C elegans
Genomics approaches to understanding vertebrate regeneration
Parkinson's disease Neural stem cell biology
Stem cells in skeletal muscle