Gene Expression, Cell Cycle & Chromosome Biology

Many MCB members are studying DNA - how it is organized into chromosomes and repliciated during cell division, and how the genes it encodes are expressed.

The Dynamic Chromosome
Mechanism of Transcriptional Regulation
Protein Structure, Modification and Regulation
Survey of Technologies for Molecular Biology
Principles of Gene Regulation
Bioinformatics and Gene Sequence Analysis

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Complex molecular machines, cell biology, influenza, dengue
Molecular biomechanics of mitosis and the cytoskeleton
Inference, re-engineering, evolution of biological networks
Regulation of Chromosome Segregation
Linking Signal Transduction to Gene Expression
yeast cell cycle and quiescence
Plasticity of neural circuits
lymphocyte function, homeostasis and localization
cell cycle control and the ubiquitin-proteasome system
Biochem., genetics and biophysics of chromosome segregation
regulation of the mammalian sex chromosomes
yeast genome evolution
environmental toxicity
Technology development, genomics and proteomics
Host virus interactions and translational control
Using yeast to study the aging process.
gene expression and organization of cell nucleus
Mechanism and regulation of eukaryotic transcription
epigenetic inheritance and chromosome structure
Seasonal measurement and circadian clocks in plants
cancer genetics, mouse models of lung cancer
genomic instability, gene therapy, cancer
evolutionary studies of genetic conflict
cAMP and PKA signaling in the brain
Mechanisms of DNA replication and repair in bacteria
Responses to hydrogen sulfide and hypoxia
Genome stability/genome engineering/disease therapies
Parasite molecular biology, genomics and bioinformatics
Proteomics; Gene regulation; Cancer
actin cytoskeleton of divergent protist
Wound repair, Cytoskeletal Dynamics and Nuclear Organization
high throughput multiplex protein quantification
Metabolic Flexibility and Suspended Animation
stem cells in development and disease, muscular dystrophy
molecular mechanism of DNA break repair and recombination
Regulation of gene expression
stem cell, receptor signaling, and patterning in plants
Chromatin regulation
Regulation of transcription
genome analysis of C elegans
microtubule dynamics and chromosome segregation
Stem cells in skeletal muscle