Molecular Structure & Computational Biology

Introduction to Structural Biology
Structural Basis of Signal Transduction
Protein Structure, Modification and Regulation
Molecular Interactions and Medicine
Introduction to Computational Molecular Biology
Introduction to Computational Molecular Biology: Molecular Evolution
Introduction to Statistical and Computational Genomics
Drug Discovery and Emerging Therapeutics

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Complex molecular machines, cell biology, influenza, dengue
Molecular biomechanics of mitosis and the cytoskeleton
protein structure prediction and design
Computational evolution, epidemiology and immunology
Evolution of proteins and viruses
computational systems biology; microbiome ;metagenomics
Topoisomerases and retroviral replication
Membrane lipid regulation of ion channels
Protein interaction sequencing for binder discovery & design
Mechanism and regulation of eukaryotic transcription
Protein synthesis control
Structural Biology in Human Health & Disease
structural basis of intracellular organization; cryo-EM
Virus structure, dynamics and function. Membrane fusion.
Genome stability/genome engineering/disease therapies
HIV-human host relationships
Parasite molecular biology, genomics and bioinformatics
Proteomics; Gene regulation; Cancer
Structure, function, interactions, and evolution.
computational systems biology
evolving biological systems and microbial communities
Structure, mechanism and engineering of proteins
structural molecular immunology
Regulation of Protein Synthesis in Microbes and Cancer
Adhesion proteins and molecular biomechanics
molecular basis of RNA-protein interactions
Transcription Regulation and Human Disorders
Membrane protein structures by cryo-EM
antitumor immune responses; T cell repertoire
Structural biology of cell regulation
Ion channel molecular structure and function
Biology of Protein Ubiquitination