Neurogenesis Seminar
Introduction to Neurobiology
Introduction to Neurobiology
Cognitive and Integrative Neurobiology
Biophysics of Nerve, Muscle, and Synapse
Quantitative Methods in Neuroscience
Molecular Basis of Neurodegenerative Disease

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Mechanisms of neuromodulation; speciation genetics
Molecular regulation of synaptic structure and function
Regulation of presyanptic functioning
Molecular mechanisms of synaptic plasticity
cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterases
auditory system development and regeneration
Signal transduction in the nervous system
Plasticity of neural circuits
Study of cone photoreceptor biology.
olfactory mechanisms and neural circuits in mammals
Synapse formation
Genetics and therapies of muscular dystrophy
protein signaling complexes signal transduction molecular
Biological clocks
The Molecular Basis of Somatosensory Perception
Membrane lipid regulation of ion channels
neurogenesis in the developing and adult mouse brain
Signaling, ion channels, GPCRs, phosphoinositides
Neuronal Energy Metaboilsm
Molecular mechanisms of aging
Investigation of aging associated neurodegenerative disease
cAMP and PKA signaling in the brain
morphogenesis and neuron migration in brain development
spontaneous electrical activity in neural development
signal transduction in excitable cells
Serotonin Receptors, Stress and Addiction
Therapeutics for brain tumors, cancer and neurologic disease
Neurodegeneration & mitochondrial quality control
mouse genetics of neurotransmitter signaling and behavior
Somatosensory neuron development in Drosophila
Dopamine neurotransmission
cellular neurophysiology and biochemistry in epilepsy
zebrafish nervous system development and genetics
retinal development and regeneration
New targets to treat CNS diseases
Our lab is interested in the molecular and cellular basis of
Molecular neurogenetics of deafness and epilepsy
Cell polarity and cell adhesion in development and cancer
neural circuit development
Parkinson's disease Neural stem cell biology
Ion channel molecular structure and function