Microbiology, Infection and Immunity Model Curriculum

Year 1:

Fall (3-6credits)

Keystone Courses

          MCB 532: Human Pathogenic Viruses (3 cr);, even years
          MICROM 553: Molecular Mechanisms of Bacterial Pathogenesis (3 cr) odd years

Elective courses

          EPI 511 Introduction to Epidemiology (4 cr)


          CONJ 546 Survey of Technologies for Molecular Biology (1.5) first half
          IMMUN 537 : Cellular and Molecular Techniques in Immunology (1.5 cr);, first half
          GENOME 552 Technologies for Genome Analysis (1.5) second half

Winter (4 credits)

Keystone Course

          IMMUN 532: Advanced Immunology (4 cr); winter quarter
          (students with no immunology background at all should consider auditing IMMUN 441
          during fall quarter, or at least reading the textbook)
          PABIO 552: Cell Biology of Human Pathogens and Disease (4 cr); winter

Elective courses

          EPI 520 Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases (3 cr); Winter
          PABIO 568: Molecular Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases (2 cr); winter quarter

Spring (3-6 credits)

Keystone courses: none

Elective courses

          CONJ 557 Microbial Evolution and Ecology (1.5 cr) Spring , first half
          CONJ 549 Microbial Population Biology (1.5 credits); Spring, second half
          EPI 529 Emerging Infections of International Public Health Importance (3 cr) spring


          PABIO 536 Bioinformatics and Gene Sequence Analysis (3 cr) spring