Molecular Structure and Computational Biology Model Curriculum

Year 1:

Fall Courses

Keystone Course

            BIOC 530 Introduction to Structural Biology (3 cr) fall

Elective courses

            CONJ 531 Signaling Mechanisms in Excitable Cells (1.5 cr), first half
            CONJ 532 Signal Transduction from the Cell Membrane to the Nucleus (1.5 cr), second half
            BIOEN 588 Computational Protein Design (4 cr)
            PABIO 551 Biochemistry and Genetics of Pathogens and Their Hosts (4 cr)
            NEUBEH 504 Biophysics of Nerve, Muscle, and Synapse (3 cr)

Methods courses

           CONJ 546 Survey of Technologies for Molecular Biology (1.5 cr), first half
           GENOME 552 Technologies for Genome Analysis (1.5 cr), second half

Winter Courses

Keystone Courses

           CONJ 544 Protein Structure, Modification and Regulation (1.5 cr), even years
           GENOME 540 Introduction to Computational Molecular Biology (4 cr)

           (Students with no programming background should instead take GENOME 559 Introduction to Statistical and Computational Genomics (3 cr)

Elective courses

           CONJ 524 Structural Basis of Signal Transduction (1.5 cr), second half
           MEDCHEM 528 Biophysical Enzymology and Biopharmaceuticals (3 cr), even years
           PHCOL 510 Drug Discovery and Emerging Therapeutics (2 cr)
           MCB 542 (1.5 credits) Nucleic Acid Enzymes(1.5 cr), odd years

Methods course

           CONJ 526: Introduction to Systems Biology and Quantitative Approaches to Biomedical Sciences (1.5 cr), second half

Spring Courses

Keystone Courses

           None for all students in this Area of Interest, but computational students should take:
           GENOME 541 Intro to Computational Molecular Biology II (4 cr)

Elective courses

           CONJ 545 Molecular Interactions and Medicine (1.5 cr), second half
           CONJ 548 Modeling Proteomes (1.5 cr), first half

Methods courses

           GENOME 555 Protein Technology (1.5 cr), first half
           PABIO 536 Bioinformatics and Gene Sequence Analysis (3 cr)