Model Curricula

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Keystone Courses

Course Number Course Title Instructor Location Weeks
CONJ 583 Molecular Targets in Cancer Therapy Maizels, Nancy UW 6-10

Elective Courses

Course NumberCourse TitleInstructorLocationWeeks
CONJ 532Signal Transduction from the Cell Membrane to the NucleusScott, JohnUW6-10
CONJ 533The Dynamic ChromosomeBiggins, SueFHCRC1-5
CONJ 537Mechanism of Transcriptional RegulationTsukiyama, ToshioFHCRC6-10
CONJ 552Metabolic Flexibility in BiologyGottschling, DanielFHCRC Weintraub Bldg, Room B1-072/0741-5
MCB 529Cell MigrationCheung, KevinFHCRC6-10
MCB 532Human Pathogenic VirusesEmerman, MichaelFred Hutch, Weintraub Bldg, Rm. B1-072/074
PATH 512Molecular Basis of Disease: Death and RepairUW1-5

Methods Courses

Course NumberCourse TitleInstructorLocationWeeks
CONJ 546Survey of Technologies for Molecular BiologyBumgarner, RogerUW1-5
GENOME 552Technologies for Genome AnalysisUW6-10