Introduction to Structural Biology

Course Number: 
BIOC 530
Course Type: 
Currently Offered: 
Meeting Time: 
MWF 1130-1220
Instructor (MCB Faculty): 
Baker, David
Course Description: 

Graduate-level discussion of the structure, function, and chemistry of proteins, control of enzymatic reactions.

a comprehensive course in biochemistry and permission.
Course requirements, examinations and grading: 

Your final grade will be based on weekly homework assignments (60%), class participation (10%), and the final exam (30%).

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Sample Schedule:

Week Mon Weds Fri
  1 Forces I Forces II Forces III
  2 X-Ray Crystallography I X-Ray Crystallography II X-Ray Crystallography III
  3 X-Ray Crystallography IV Protein Structure I Protein Structure II
  4 NMR Spectroscopy I NMR Spectroscopy II NMR Spectroscopy III
  5 NMR Spectroscopy IV Protein Folding I Protein Folding II
  6 Protein Folding in vivo Sequence Comparison Structure Prediction
  7 Protein Dynamics I Protein Dynamics II Signaling and Protein Modifications I
  8 Signaling and Protein Modifications II The RNA World I The RNA World II
  9 The RNA World III Protein Design Electron Microscopy
 10 Viruses Membrane Proteins Structure-based Drug Design
Areas of Interest: 
Molecular Structure & Computational Biology