Metabolic Flexibility in Biology

Course Number: 
CONJ 552
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Meeting Time: 
09/25-11/01/2013; T & TH; 3:20 - 4:40
FHCRC Weintraub Bldg, Room B1-072/074
Instructor (MCB Faculty): 
Gottschling, Daniel
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Course Description: 

This course will focus on small molecules and the ways that the chemistry of these molecules facilitates life under changing conditions. It will include systems from microbiology to human physiology to understand aspects of cancer, aging, and animation. A combination of lecture and in class discussion will be used to explore topics including bioenergetics/metabolic flux, adaptation, and allometric scaling.

Learning Objectives: 

To learn how to think like an experimental biologist.

Course requirements, examinations and grading: 

Evaluations will be made based on 1/3  class participation, 1/3 student presentations and 1/3 weekly problem sets

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Sample Schedule:

Week Tues Thurs
1 General concepts in metabolism and its control Glycolysis, TCA cycle and oxidative phosphorylation
2 The biosynthesis and role of lipids and fatty acids in biology (CPO) How cells sense and deal with rich and lean environments
3 How metabolism creates ecological communities The metabolic needs of cancer cells- The Warburg effect
4  Metabolic Diseases Aging and metabolic damage
5 Student presentations Student presentations
Elective Area: 
Cancer Biology
Cell Signaling & Cell/Environment Interactions
Developmental Biology, Stem Cells & Aging