Population Genetics

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Joe Felsenstein
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Mathematical and experimental approaches to the genetics of natural populations, especially as they relate to evolution. Emphasis on theoretical population genetics. 

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Permission of instructor.
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Theoretical Evolutionary Genetics by Joe Felsenstein. This course text will also be reproduced locally and sold to students at cost (at a cost of $22.53). Students who want new printed copies should commit at the second class session to buy them. If you can't make the second class session and want to be signed up to buy the text, email me.
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Course web site:http://evolution.gs.washington.edu/gs562/

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Week Mon Weds Fri
  1 Introduction; Hardy-Weinberg proportions Multiple alleles, difft. sexes Sex-linkage
  2 Linkage and linkage disequilibrium Natural Selection Natural Selection
  3 Polymorphisms and fitness Polymorphisms and fitness Kin, group and species selection
  4 Mutation Maintenance of deleterious mutants Migration, Clines
  5 Migration, Clines Inbreeding in pedigrees Regular systems of mating
  6 Inbreeding depression Genetic drift Effective population size
  7 Neutral mutation theory Trees of genes Trees of genes, the sequel
  8 Molecular evolution Drift and other forces Drift and other forces
  9 Genetics of quantitative characters Components of variance Selection response
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Genetics, Genomics & Evolution