Immunological Methods

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TTh 900-1020
South Lake Union E130A
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Fink, Pamela
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The goal of this course is to introduce graduate students to experimental strategies and concepts for immunological research. We will examine this topic from both the perspective of cellular and molecular immunology research approaches, also highlighting the applicability of these strategies to biomedical research in general. Students will learn how to critically evaluate experiments and evaluate the thought process behind selecting the appropriate experimental strategies for a research question. We will then apply this knowledge to topics covering cellular immunology and the regulation of epigenetic and gene expression events in the immune system. The format of the course will be a highly interactive lecture that promotes an in depth discussion of the topics, while taking into account the current level of understanding for each student.

Course requirements, examinations and grading: 

Grading will be based upon three components. The first will be in class participation (40%). The class lectures will be designed to encourage participation by all students. The second will be a take home assignment covering the 1st 5 lectures (30%), and the third will be a take home assignment covering the 2nd 5 lectures. These problem sets will be designed to assess each student’s understanding of the cellular and molecular techniques discussed throughout the course.

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Week Tues Thurs
 1 Mixing and matching stromal and hematopoietic elements Genetic manipulation of mice
  2 Principles of flow cytometry Analysis of cell functions
  3 Visualizing cells in vivo Gene Expression / Epigenetics Concepts
  4 Basic Molecular Techniques Advanced Molecular Techniques
  5 Genomics Integrating Experimental Strategies
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Microbiology, Infection & Immunity
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Microbiology, Infection & Immunity