Courses Listing

Course Course Title Instructor Location Weekssort icon Quarter Currently Offered
MCB 514 MCB Tutorial Gardner, Richard UW Autumn Yes
MCB 515 Literature Review Peichel, Katie FHCRC Winter Yes
MCB 516 Literature Review Peichel, Katie FHCRC Spring Yes
MCB 519 Tutorial in Molecular and Cellular Biology Autumn Yes
MCB 560 Biotechnology Externship Moon, Randall Summer Yes
MCB 580 Teaching Practicum UW Autumn Yes
MCB 599 Introduction to Research in Molecular and Cellular Biology Autumn Yes
MCB 600 Independent Study or Research Autumn Yes
MCB 800 Doctoral Dissertation Autumn Yes
MCB 517A NRSA Proposal Writing Gardner, Richard UW 1-5 Summer Yes
Course Course Title Instructor Location Weekssort icon Quarter Currently Offered
MCB 522 The Developmental Basis of Human Disease Moens, Cecilia Fred Hutch, Weintraub Bldg, Rm. B1-076 Autumn Yes
MCB 532 Human Pathogenic Viruses Emerman, Michael Fred Hutch, Weintraub Bldg, Rm. B1-072/074 Autumn No
CONJ 530 Stem Cells in Development and Regeneration Ruohola-Baker, Hannele Carol Ware SLU, Building E, Conference Room E103 Winter Yes
MCB 539 Biological Basis of Neoplasia Vasioukhin, Valera FHCRC Spring Yes
GENOME 540 Introduction to Computational Molecular Biology Phil Green UW Winter Yes
GENOME 559 Introduction to Statistical and Computational Genomics UW Winter Yes
GENOME 541 Introduction to Computational Molecular Biology: Molecular Evolution Bill Noble UW Spring Yes
BIOC 530 Introduction to Structural Biology Baker, David UW Autumn Yes
MCB 533 Genetics, Genomics and Evolution Peichel, Katie FHCRC Spring No
PABIO 552 Cell Biology of Human Pathogens and Disease Grundner, Christoph Kevin Hybiske UW Winter Yes
NEUBEH 501 Introduction to Neurobiology Carlson, Steven UW Autumn Yes
PATH 517 Biology and Pathology of Aging Kaeberlein, Matthew Scott Kennedy and Alan Herr UW Health Sciences Bldg. Room T-747 Winter Yes
NEUBEH 504 Biophysics of Nerve, Muscle, and Synapse Sullivan, Jane UW Autumn Yes
MICROM 553 Molecular Mechanisms of Bacterial Pathogenesis Ramakrishnan, Lalita UW Autumn No
IMMUN 532 Advanced Immunology Hamerman, Jessica UW Winter Yes
UCONJ 524 Developmental Neurobiology UW Spring Yes
NEUBEH 502 Introduction to Neurobiology Sherk, Helen UW Winter Yes
NEUBEH 503 Cognitive and Integrative Neurobiology Phillips, Paul UW Spring Yes
CONJ 552 Metabolic Flexibility in Biology Gottschling, Daniel FHCRC Weintraub Bldg, Room B1-072/074 1-5 Autumn No
CONJ 531 Signaling Mechanisms in Excitable Cells Sullivan, Jane UW 1-5 Autumn Yes
CONJ 533 The Dynamic Chromosome Biggins, Sue FHCRC 1-5 Autumn Yes
CONJ 514A Molecular Medicine Liles, Conrad UW 1-5 Winter No
CONJ 542 Cell Biology of Development Raible, David UW 1-5 Autumn Yes
CONJ 544 Protein Structure, Modification and Regulation Strong, Roland FHCRC 1-5 Winter Yes
GENOME 551 Principles of Gene Regulation John Stamatoyannopoulos UW 1-5 Winter Yes
GENOME 553 Genetic Analysis Queitsch, Christine UW 1-5 Autumn Yes
CONJ 537 Mechanism of Transcriptional Regulation Tsukiyama, Toshio FHCRC 6-10 Autumn Yes
CONJ 583 Molecular Targets in Cancer Therapy Maizels, Nancy UW 6-10 Autumn No
CONJ 514B Molecular Medicine Liles, Conrad UW 6-10 Winter No
CONJ 532 Signal Transduction from the Cell Membrane to the Nucleus UW 6-10 Autumn Yes
MCB 529 Cell Migration FHCRC 6-10 Autumn Yes
Course Course Title Instructor Location Weekssort icon Quarter Currently Offered
STAT 502 Design and Analysis of Experiments Drton, Mathias UW Autumn Yes
PABIO 536 Bioinformatics and Gene Sequence Analysis Rose, Timothy UW Spring Yes
MCB 543 Logic Constructs and Methodologies of Biological Research Zimring, James UW Health Sciences Building, Room T-478 Spring Yes
CONJ 546 Survey of Technologies for Molecular Biology Bumgarner, Roger UW 1-5 Autumn No
CONJ 526 Introduction to Systems Biology and Quantitative Approaches to Biomedical Sciences Aitchison, John ISB 1-5 Winter No
GENOME 555 Protein Technology Villen, Judit UW 1-5 Spring Yes
UCONJ 510 Introductory Laboratory Based Biostatistics Dr. Lloyd Mancl UW 1-5 Summer Yes
IMMUN 537 Immunological Methods Fink, Pamela South Lake Union E130A 1-5 Autumn Yes
GENOME 552 Technologies for Genome Analysis Nickerson, Debbie UW 6-10 Autumn Yes
Career Development
Course Course Title Instructor Location Weekssort icon Quarter Currently Offered
EDC&I 505 Seminar in Curriculum and Instruction Bier, Marisa UW Autumn Yes
GRDSCH 630 Teaching & Learning in Higher Education Theresa Ronquillo UW Summer Yes
Env H 520A Advanced Technical Communication in Public Health Deborah L. Illman, Ph.D., UW Autumn Yes
PABIO 590B Writing a Predoctoral Fellowship Lingappa, Jaisri UW, South Campus Center (SOCC), Room 350 1-5 Spring Yes
MCB 512 How to Give a Scientific Seminar FHCRC 1-5 Winter Yes
ENV H 530 Research Proposal Preparation for Biological Sciences Xia, Zhengui UW, South Campus Center, Room 309 6-10 Autumn No
Course Course Title Instructor Location Weekssort icon Quarter Currently Offered
MOLMED 513 Clinical Human Medical Genetics Byers, Peter H. Murray, Mitzi L UW Autumn Yes
Path 516 Molecular Basis of Human Genetic Disease Byers, Peter H. UW Spring Yes
PATH 500 Molecular Basis of Disease Monnat, Ray UW Winter Yes
GENOME 561 Molecular Population Genetics and Evolution Willie Swanson UW Winter Yes
GENOME 562 Population Genetics Joe Felsenstein UW Winter Yes
GENOME 565 Advanced Human Genetics King, Mary-Claire UW Winter Yes
B STR 584 Neurogenesis Seminar UW
PABIO 568 Molecular Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases Roberts, Marilyn UW Winter No
PABIO 551 Biochemistry and Genetics of Pathogens and Their Hosts UW Autumn No
MCB 521 Embryos, Genes & Development Priess, James FHCRC Winter No
BIOEN 588 Computational Protein Design Daggett, Valerie UW Autumn No
MEDCH 528 Biophysical Enzymology and Biopharmaceuticals Catalano, Carlos UW Winter No
PATH 530 Human Cytogenetics Disteche, Christine UW Spring No
EPI 511 Introduction to Epidemiology Kukull, Walter UW Autumn Yes
EPI 520 Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases Lisa E. Manhart UW Winter Yes
EPI 529 Emerging Infections of International Public Health Importance UW Spring No
IMMUN 533 Host Defense to Cancer Clark, Edward A UW Spring No
PHCOL 530 Neuronal Signaling Pathways Storm, Daniel UW Winter No
PHCOL 531 Genetic Analysis of Signaling Systems McKnight, Stanley UW Winter No
NEUBEH 532 Discussion in Cell Signaling and Molecular Physiology Rieke, Fred Fairhall, Adrienne UW Winter No
NEUBEH 541 Neuroendocrinology Steiner, Robert UW Winter No
NEUBEH 549 Molecular Basis of Neurodegenerative Disease Pallanck, Leo UW Winter Yes
NEUBEH 545 Quantitative Methods in Neuroscience Rieke, Fred UW Winter Yes
NEUBEH 550 Biophysics of Calcium Signaling Hille, Bertil Santana, Fernando UW Spring No
NEUBEH 561 From Biophysics to Neural Computation Fairhall, Adrienne UW Spring No
PHCOL 534 Molecular Basis of Addictive Drug Action Chavkin, Charles UW Autumn No
PHCOL 529 Ion Channel Pharmacology UW Autumn No
CONJ 556 Drug Addiction: Mechanisms, Prevention, and Treatment Chavkin, Charles UW 1-5 Autumn No
MOLMED 559 Scientific Ideas at Work Maizels, Nancy UW 1-5 Spring Yes
CONJ 548 Modeling Proteomes Samudrala, Ram UW 1-5 Spring No
CONJ 551 Immunity Strong, Roland FHCRC 1-5 Spring No
CONJ 557 Microbial Evolution Sokurenko, Evgeni UW 1-5 Spring Yes
PHCOL 510 Drug Discovery and Emerging Therapeutics Zheng, Ning UW 1-5 Winter Yes
PATH 512 Molecular Basis of Disease: Death and Repair Hawkins, Brian UW 1-5 Autumn Yes
PHCOL 535 Transcriptional Control in Human Disease UW, HSB Room E-216 1-5 Spring Yes
MOLMED 504 Challenges in Molecular Medicine UW 6-10 Spring No
CONJ 524 Structural Basis of Signal Transduction Xu, Wenqing UW 6-10 Winter Yes
CONJ 558 Fundamentals of Prokaryotic Biology Harwood, Carrie UW 6-10 Winter Yes
CONJ 545 Molecular Interactions and Medicine Christophe Verlinde UW 6-10 Spring Yes
CONJ 549 Microbial Population Biology John Mittler UW 6-10 Spring Yes
GENOME 576 Genetic and Genomic Analysis of Bacteria Manoil, Colin UW 6-10 Autumn No
GENOME 560 Statistics for Genome Sciences Joe Felsenstein UW 6-10 Spring Yes