Currently Offered Winter Quarter Courses

The following courses are offered for the upcoming Winter Quarter:

Coursesort icon Course Title Instructor Location Weeks
B STR 584 Neurogenesis Seminar UW
CONJ 524 Structural Basis of Signal Transduction Xu, Wenqing UW 6-10
CONJ 558 Fundamentals of Prokaryotic Biology Harwood, Carrie UW 6-10
EPI 520 Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases Lisa E. Manhart UW
GENOME 561 Molecular Population Genetics and Evolution Willie Swanson UW
GENOME 562 Population Genetics Joe Felsenstein UW
GENOME 565 Advanced Human Genetics King, Mary-Claire UW
NEUBEH 545 Quantitative Methods in Neuroscience Rieke, Fred UW
NEUBEH 549 Molecular Basis of Neurodegenerative Disease Pallanck, Leo UW
PATH 500 Molecular Basis of Disease Monnat, Ray UW
PHCOL 510 Drug Discovery and Emerging Therapeutics Zheng, Ning UW 1-5
Coursesort icon Course Title Instructor Location Weeks
CONJ 530 Stem Cells in Development and Regeneration Ruohola-Baker, Hannele Carol Ware SLU, Building E, Conference Room E103
CONJ 544 Protein Structure, Modification and Regulation Strong, Roland FHCRC 1-5
GENOME 540 Introduction to Computational Molecular Biology Phil Green UW
GENOME 551 Principles of Gene Regulation John Stamatoyannopoulos UW 1-5
GENOME 559 Introduction to Statistical and Computational Genomics UW
IMMUN 532 Advanced Immunology Hamerman, Jessica UW
NEUBEH 502 Introduction to Neurobiology Sherk, Helen UW
PABIO 552 Cell Biology of Human Pathogens and Disease Grundner, Christoph Kevin Hybiske UW
PATH 517 Biology and Pathology of Aging Kaeberlein, Matthew Scott Kennedy and Alan Herr UW Health Sciences Bldg. Room T-747
Career Development
Coursesort icon Course Title Instructor Location Weeks
MCB 512 How to Give a Scientific Seminar FHCRC 1-5
Coursesort icon Course Title Instructor Location Weeks
MCB 515 Literature Review Peichel, Katie FHCRC