Second Year

To do:

  • Carry out research in dissertation lab
  • Complete MCB core and elective classwork (18 credits total)
  • Select Supervisory Committee by March
  • Complete TA and/or Outreach assignments
  • Complete Biomedical Research Integrity training
  • Hold annual committee meeting

Detailed description:



MCB 600 Research
(1-10 non-graded credits)

Electives Course work
Students take elective courses to complete the elective requirement as recommended by their Doctoral Supervisory Committee.

MCB 580 Teaching Practicum in Molecular and Cellular Biology
(2 credits/quarter for two quarters)
Students participate as Teaching Assistants in an approved course.  (For NSF Fellows it is necessary that they defer the NSF support until their third year in the MCB Program, enabling them to TA in their second year.  NSF has recently disallowed any teaching assistantships while the NSF scholar is on tenure.)

Doctoral Supervisory Committee
Must be formed by the end of December.

Initial Supervisory Committee Meeting
Must meet by the end of June. The Annual Doctoral Supervisory Committee Report must be sent to the MCB Office by the end of June.

Biomedical Research Integrity Series

Students attend 5 lectures and 3 discussion sections.  These can be completed over the first two summers in the program.

Students in a lab at UW register online at

Students in a lab at FHCRC register online at

Registration info for UW BRI site:

Department:  Molecular & Cellular Biology
Title: Predoc Research Assoc
Type of Trainee: UW School of Medicine
PI information: Rich Gardner
Box: 357275
Grant Info: Molecular & Cellular Biology
Budget: 07-5202
Position: Predoctoral Trainee

Program and Departmental Activities
Students attend the evening student/faculty seminar series sponsored by the MCB Program.