Subsequent Years

To do:

  • Carry out research in dissertation lab
  • Submit work for publication
  • Hold Annual Committee Meetings by June
  • Complete dissertation and final exam by 5.5 years

Detailed description:




MCB 800 Dissertation Research
(1-10 non-graded credits)
[after passing the General Exam]

Annual Meeting of the Supervisory Committee
Must be held by June. The Annual Meeting Report must be filed with the MCB Office by the end of June.

Program and Departmental Activities
Students attend the evening student/faculty seminar series sponsored by the MCB Program.

Publication of results
MCB students are expected to publish their results and disseminate information to the community.  Pulbished manuscripts can be included as chapers in the final dissertation.

Seven-Year Limit on Time to Degree

The MCB Program has a seven-year limit on the time to receive a degree. The details for the probation/petition process are as follows.

  1. Students are informally encouraged to graduate within 5.5 years.
  2. In Summer Quarter of the sixth year students are reminded that there is a policy in place requiring completion of PhD within seven years.
  3. In Winter Quarter of the seventh year students are informed that they will be placed on probation starting Spring Quarter, but can petition the Directors to hold off on probation. The petition must declare that they intend to graduate within the next two quarters (i.e., by the end of Summer Quarter), or ask for an extension beyond seven years with evidence of progress towards degree. This petition must include email support (or no support) from each member of their Supervisory Committee. It must be submitted to the Directors by the end of the fifth week of Winter Quarter, together with the supporting emails from the supervisory committee.
  4. The Directors will reply to the petition, giving their decision by the beginning of Spring Quarter.
  5. If the student’s petition is denied by the Directors, the student will be placed on Final Probation for Summer Quarter, and will have until the end of the quarter to graduate. If the student does not complete all the requirements for graduation by the end of this same Summer Quarter, the UW Graduate School will automatically remove them from the UW enrollment.