Supervisory Committee

To do:

  • Form committee by March of second year.
  • Hold annual committee meetings by end of June each year.
  • Use Doodle to schedule committee meetings:
  • Submit Annual Report: Meeting Report Form [274K PDF*]

Committee Description:

Students select a Doctoral Supervisory Committee as soon as possible after their choice of a permanent lab, and must be formed by the the end of December of the second year. In forming their Supervisory Committee, students are urged to select members from different participating institutions in order to promote productive scientific interactions across the program. 

The Supervisory Committee must have a minimum of five members constitutes as follows:

  • One Chair, e.g., the student’s PI
  • Two MCB faculty members
  • One other member (may be in MCB)
  • One Graduate School Representative (GSR)

At least two committee members (including the GSR) must be outside the committee chair's department or unit. At least three members must be members of the MCB Program.  Committee members should not be direct collaborators with the student's mentor.

How to choose a GSR

The GSR is a voting member of the committee, chosen by the student. The GSR cannot be in the same department or have an adjunct appointment in the same department as the chair.  The GSR should also not have collaborative ties or shared grants with the chair. Requirements for GSR can be found at

The GSR must attest to the validity of examinations (General Exam and Final Exam), indicating approval of the process by which examinations were conducted. This is done by signing the warrant and by submitting a standarized report on the examination process to the Dean of the Graduate School. The Graduatre School will provide the required forms.

The Graduate Faculty Locator identifies the appointments that each faculty member has. This will help determine who can be on your committee and who can serve as the GSR.  The Graduate Faculty Locator can be found at: http://grad.uw/for-faculty-and-staff/faculty-locator/.

Once the members of the Supervisory Committee have been chosen, email Maia Low ( with the names of the committee members including: name, department and email address. Be sure to identify the Chair and the GSR of your Supervisory Committee. These names will be submitted to the Graduate School by Maia Low.