MCB News and Announcements

4 days 16 hours ago

MCB student Erica Sanchez (Lagunoff Lab) was awarded the UW Graduate Student Medal, which is given to recognize Ph.D. candidates whose academic expertise and social awareness are integrated in a way that demonstrates an exemplary commitment to the University and its larger community. Find out more about the award here.

4 weeks 1 day ago

Two MCB students, Andrey Shuvarikov and Brittany Whitley, have won National Science Foundation (NSF) awards from the Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP). An additional 11 MCB students have received honorable mention: Julia Berkson, Amanda Bradley, Sarah Crist, Abe Gutierrez, Erika Hayes, Derrick Hicks, Nick Maurice, Mollie McDonnell, Joey Pangallo, Linnea Peterson-Bunker, and Ashley Roarty. Eight of them are first-year graduate students.

The NSF funds research and education in science and engineering. The Foundation accounts for about 20% of federal support to academic institutions for basic research.  Since 1952, the GRFP has provided fellowships to individuals selected early in their graduate careers based on their demonstrated potential for significant achievements in science and engineering. Three years of support is provided by the program for graduate study that is in a field within NSF's mission and leads to a research-based master's or doctoral degree. For more information, see