How to Apply



All Applications: December 1

Applicants must have completed a baccalaureate or advanced degree by the time of matriculation; degrees emphasizing biology, physical or natural sciences, and mathematics are preferred.

To Do:

Please follow these steps to ensure that your file is complete. All application materials must be received in the MCB Office by the application deadline in order for the applicant to be considered.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that the application file is complete.

  1. Apply on line for admission to the Graduate School and the MCB Program. There you will find a seamless application process that will meet the requirements for both the Graduate School and the MCB Program:
  2. Graduate Record Examination Scores: The MCB Program requires scores in the General Test. We strongly suggest that you take the GRE test before August 1 to avoid delays in score reporting. Applications are not evaluated unless we have results from the GRE General test. Our Institution Code is 4854.
  3. Transcripts: All applicants must upload unofficial transcripts from each college and/or university attended to your online application. 
  4. Letters of Recommendation:  MCB applicants are able to designate recommenders as part of the online application process (See Item #1).  The Graduate School will contact the recommender by email and ask him/her to fill out an attached recommendation form and submit electronically to the U.W.  Applicants will be notified if recommender declines.  MCB requires three letters of recommendation, however, the on-line application process will accept up to five.  MCB applicants are urged to submit only three unless special considerations are involved.  The MCB Program only accepts online recommendations.
  5. Statement of Purpose:  The statement of purpose is submitted online as part of the (Item 1) application process, and can be one to two pages long.  The statement should cover topics such as which areas of molecular and cellular biology research interest you, which UW and FHCRC faculty members’ work particularly interest you, previous research experience or publications you may have.  The Statement should be in PDF format.
  6. Resume/CV:   A resume/CV is submitted online with the MCB application. Your CV should be in PDF format.